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Доставка по выделенным районам города (при заказе от 1000р) бесплатная.


Именная дисконтная карта не действует на заказ , сделанный по телефону или на сайте, только при заказе блюд навынос в ресторане

Delivery of food within the marked city districts (if order amount is 1000 roubles or more) is free.


Personal discount cards are applicable only when you order takeaway in the restaurant and not applicable to phone or online orders.

It often happens that you have neither time nor wish or energy to go to a restaurant but are eager to eat something new, unusual, and exquisite rather than ordinary homemade food. If so, delivery of sushi, European and Asian dishes in Saratov offered by our restaurant will save the day.

Home delivery of food is an excellent and highly demanded service of present day. Food delivery in Saratov is even more pleasant because we, the Mandarin restaurant staff, can deliver food both home and to any other place where there are people who wish to taste a refined and delicious dish here and now!

Our chef from China and restaurant “Mandarin” are glad to give you such a unique possibility by offering delivery of the best rolls in Saratov. Now it is easy to get a taste of the Thai, European, Chinese and Japanese cuisine because delivery of the traditional dishes from “Mandarin” is available for everyone!

Here are few more words about our food. The Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes in our restaurant are not just well cooked food but a work of a real master! Every dish is a rave of tastes and colors, an embodiment of the ancient culinary traditions, diversity of ingredients, and original combination of salty, sweet, sour, bitter and fiery-sharp flavours!

Now you can enjoy the exotic cuisine of China, Japan and Thailand not only in our restaurant in the centre of Saratov but in any other place:

  • at home;
  • in your office without stopping your work process;
  • in the out-of-doors if you had enough of shashlik and would like to taste something exotic;
  • in any other place of Saratov at your choice.

You will find anything you can think of in the Mandarin restaurant’s menu: any dishes of the Asian cuisine, meat in a sweet-and-sour sauce, MuShu pork, miso soups, Pad Thai noodle, sushi and rolls. The delivery of all these will be quick, and the food itself – freshly cooked, tempting and delicious.

We can deliver any European, Thai, Japanese and Chinese dishes from our menu to any place of Saratov.

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